The 43rd Annual Louisiana Irish-Italian Parade rolls at Noon on Sunday, March 23rd, 2025 in Metairie

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Eddie was a native of New Orleans and resided in Metairie and Kenner his adult life.

Edward L. (Eddie) Renton Sr.

Eddie was a native of New Orleans and resided in Metairie and Kenner his adult life. Eddie’s devotion to his Irish heritage was unquestionable as he wore green most often, and his vehicles and boats were green. His jovial nature brought him to leadership roles in every organization he joined. After returning from the Korean Conflict, Eddie became a co-owner of a local printing company in Metairie, where he devoted his time to providing his customers with the very best. Eddie became involved with Westgate Country Club and became president of that organization. While he was serving as president, he led the organization through the construction of its first clubhouse.
Eddie also served as president of the Bonnabel High School Football Boosters Club. Bonnabel’s first football game in the Louisiana Superdome was played during his term as President. Eddie served as President of the Krewe Of Zeus, and during his term, he grew the St. Patrick’s Day Marching Club into the largest marching club in the Metro Area. It was out of the growth of the Zeus St. Patrick’s Day Marching Club that the Louisiana Irish-Italian Parade was born. The Zeus Marchers were asked to not return to the Metairie St. Patrick’s Day Parade, as they had “grown too large”. That’s when Eddie’s vision came to life, and he was soon on a mission. Albeit his heritage was Irish, he had an affection for his Italian friends as well. He went to Jefferson Parish President, Joe Yenni and told him of his vision. He asked Mr. Yenni if he would support an Irish and Italian parade as, “Its About Time” that the two heritages got together. Mr. Yenni agreed. In 1983 The First Annual Irish–Italian Parade rolled on the streets of Jefferson Parish. As a result of the dedication and participation of many people in the metropolitan area, Eddie’s vision lives on!