The 43rd Annual Louisiana Irish-Italian Parade rolls at Noon on Sunday, March 23rd, 2025 in Metairie

Irish Italian Logo Transparent

John’s Tuxedos Irish-Italian Special

John’s Tuxedos – a longtime sponsor of the Irish-Italian parade – is offering a special rate of $65.00 for a complete tuxedo if you get fitted before March 4th.  The tuxedo includes a coat, pants, and shirt with studs and cufflinks, along with your choice of a Red, Green, or Italian tie and cummerbund set. Make sure you tell them you want “the Irish-Italian Special.”  If you get fitted after March 4th, the rate will be $70.00.  Please place your tuxedo order in advance, and remind other parade marchers about this offer from John’s Tuxedos.